Mothers of VF – Kelly Stewart

April 10, 2020

4 questions with Kelly Stewart, mother and breast cancer survivor. She received a cap wig from the Verma Foundation during cancer treatment at Dana Farber in Boston, MA.

How has cancer impacted your family, your children?

Cancer has impacted my family emotionally, mentally, physically & financially but we tried our best to make all seem “ok” for my toddler daughters.

What challenges did you face as a mother undergoing treatment?

The most challenging part of undergoing treatment being a mom was trying to stay as strong, calm and together! It was ok that I was weak and exhausted but I didn’t want them to see me sick! 

How did the cap wig help you as a mom?

The cap wig helped me as a mom because not only were the girls scared of me losing my hair but it was very upsetting to us all. Having literally the only comfortable and stylish wig out there was priceless!

What do you want other moms out there to know who might also be battling and reading your story?

To the other moms battling any type of cancer please know that there are so many resources and foundations that may be able to help you with some of the many struggles that come along with a cancer diagnosis! Please speak to your social worker for help & resources.