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The Verma Foundation is proud to provide human hair cap wigs to cancer patients in financial need - completely free of cost.

If you would like to bypass the application process and get your cap wig now please shop below.

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It's our mission to #PutACapOnCancer

Women battling cancer find hair loss to be one of the most devastating side effect of chemotherapy.

Most wigs are ill-fitting, itchy and expensive so we offer the ideal solution – a cap attached to 100% human hair.

We are committed to helping people battling cancer maintain a sense of normalcy, dignity and privacy during treatment. Looking good is often connected to feeling well and is an important part of the healing process. We want to help patients focus their energy on family, healing, and recovery.

Why a cap on a wig? A personal cancer story from our co-founder and TV news anchor, Natasha Verma.

Nearly 60 percent of women consider hair loss to be the most dreaded side effect they face when undergoing chemotherapy. I was that statistic.

When the doctor told me I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the first thing I thought about was my hair. Am I going to lose it? It may sound trivial and superficial, but most women will tell you that hair is a big part of our identity. While I knew hair loss was imminent, nothing prepared me for the emotional toll it would take.

One day after my second round of chemotherapy, I remember taking a shower at night, and as I massaged the shampoo into my hair, strands of hair wrapped around my fingers and went down the drain. To my horror, I would gently tug a long piece of hair and it would painlessly fall out. One piece, two, three and then whole chunks were coming out as I brushed my hair. Every pillow I laid on and chair I sat on would be covered with dead hair.

The next night I decided to just close my eyes and comb out the dead hair. It was horrifying to watch fistfuls tossed into the trash. As if cancer hadn’t already robbed me of enough, she was now after my hair! After a week, most of my hair was gone, and I had serious thinning. I could no longer recognize the bald figure staring back in the mirror. Most women facing cancer would tell you the sight is depressing.

When I lost all my hair from chemotherapy, I got a wig. Soon after, I had problems styling the hair. The hairline didn’t look natural. I felt itchy under the wig because my scalp was sensitive from chemo.

During my cancer treatment, I wore a baseball cap on top of my wig to cover the hairline, and I loved the look. Then, I got to thinking. What if you could permanently attach hair to caps?

Our cap wig is not only breathable but fashionable and comfortable without itchy hair rubbing against your scalp. The inside of the cap is lined with a soft material. The caps come in a variety of colors and materials for both adults and children. 100% human hair is permanently attached to the cap creating a ready-to-wear look with no styling needed!


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