Mothers of VF – Stacey Reid

February 4, 2020

4 questions with Stacey Reid, mother and breast cancer survivor. She received a cap wig from the Verma Foundation during cancer treatment at Florida Cancer Specialists in Davenport, FL.

How has cancer impacted your family, your children?

It’s definitely been an emotional roller coaster. My daughters are 14 and 12 and felt complete devastation upon my diagnosis in September 2019. But as a single mom, I had to rally behind my girls and show them that even with breast cancer treatments ahead of us, I could still be their rock. That took a lot of convincing and perseverance, but they both eventually came around.

What challenges did you face as a mother undergoing treatment?

I think my biggest challenge was realizing I really couldn’t be supermom like I’m so used to being. Chemo pretty much laid me out for the first 6 days after treatment and left me relying on my best friends to be our taxi drivers, chefs, and 2nd moms for doctor appointments and games. They both play soccer and dance, one is also a cheerleader, while the other plays beach volleyball. Very busy girls! My energy level plummeted, as well. I got to the point where I could barely make it through a day without having to sleep for a few hours. I missed a lot of this school year.

The saddest challenge, however, was losing my hair. My girls had a really hard time with that. It made me look weak and sick. It was a constant reminder that cancer sought me out, too. It caused all sorts of emotions for them. My oldest daughter could barely speak to me. That was crushing for me.

How did the cap wig help you as a mom?

This Cap Wig was a game changer!!! I have a wig that my best friends purchased for me but I’m not comfortable wearing it without a bandeau or baseball hat. Ummmmmm…that’s REALLY hot. And I mean temperature wise.

When I received my Cap Wig, I immediately threw it on and I was in heaven! Not only is it cute, but it feels SO good!! My friend colored it to almost my exact hair color and cut it to my last hair style -when I had hair! My self-esteem started to climb back up! I felt like me again. I can’t even begin to explain how powerful that feeling is. I had my dignity back. I actually looked like a soccer mom again!

What do you want other moms out there to know who might also be battling and reading your story?

First and foremost, I would like to tell any mom battling cancer, you are strong and fierce and you are a warrior! The effects of treatment can strip down your dignity to the core but you are still as beautiful as ever, if not more beautiful! And with the help of the Verma Foundation and the Cap Wigs, you too, can walk onto the soccer field, into the grocery store or just out to get your mail with confidence and a gorgeous smile. I’m thankful everyday for mine.