I love the cap wig! It is so nice to throw on the cap and not “be bald”. I love how I can put it on and be stylish and it is not hot or itchy like a regular wig. Thank you Verma Foundation for providing me a cap wig so I can feel comfortable when I go out!

Esthelee Pirlte, TN

I would just like to say thank you to the Verma Foundation for the cap wig! It is so much easier then the regular wig. The regular wig is hot and takes so long to even get it close to looking like real hair and one strong wind and all the work is gone. With the cap wig I can spend my energy on living and spending time with love ones while still looking like me again! Thank you for giving me comfort on this horrible journey! 

Carolyn Sisco, OK

I have been unhappy with regular wigs because they look unnatural and take time to put on, adjust and keep in. The cap wig is super easy to put in, stays snug and looks natural. Before I received my cap wig, I dreaded leaving the house because it meant I had to make a decision about what to put on my head and I had to spend time and effort getting it to look right. That is no longer an issue with the cap wig. I can just put it on, comb out the hair with my fingertips and go. No one can tell it’s not my hair.

Mary Ricker, CO

Thank you for the cap wig. I love it! It is a great help for me it matches my original hair color pretty well and is comfortable. 

Alyssa Happe, MA

It is absolutely AMAZING!! The hair feels great and it does not feel itchy when you wear it. It looks to be highlighted which is a bonus!! I am so thankful you have started this foundation. It has given me my confidence back that I lost when I lost my hair. I didnt want to go anywhere and now I just throw the hat on and go!! Thank you so very much!

Sherrie Clemons, IN

I can’t thank the Verma Foundation enough for my cap wig! Natasha and the gang were wonderful to work with, and their generosity is immeasurable. With seven grandchildren, we spend a lot of time watching games outside. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my cap wig for baseball/soccer season, and was thrilled to receive the comfortable cap and luxurious new hair, which fools everyone at the games. I will continue to spread the word about this organization, which allows so many women to feel like themselves again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Kathy Tocci, MA
Hi My name is Jayda. I have leukemia. I was originally diagnosed at Boston Mass GeneralPediatric  Oncology when I was a little older than  2 1/2. I was cancer free for 14 months and now in May I was diagnosed again with cancer. I had just gotten my hair back and we had to cut it again. But, I truly LOVE everything I can do with my cap wig. My pigtail braids are my favorite!  I am so grateful to the Verma Foundation for donating this wig to me!!
Jayda, 6, MA

I absolutely LOVE my cap wig. It’s so easy to just throw on and go, and the super soft lining makes it possible to wear for long periods of time without any irritation or discomfort like my wig. It’s makes me feel like myself again!

Stacy Vargus, NH

It keeps my head and neck warm w/o getting to warm. It’s extremely comfortable. It looks natural so I don’t get asked questions or get funny looks.

Brenda Gonzales, TX
Wearing the cap makes Rylee feel confident! She loves to curl or braid her hair and wear it out and about.
Rylee Christianson, 12, IN
I LOVE my cap wig!!!  Very high quality and really nice that you guys stitched in the soft fabric on the inside – makes it feel very smooth on my head!  The hair is beautiful, and I truly feel like it’s my own.  It’s great to be able to just throw on the hat and feel “normal” and confident.  So happy that the Patriots donated the hats, too!  Thank you so much, you are making a lot of women smile!!
Jill, MA

I love the freedom that the Verma Foundation cap wig gives me! I literally walked out of a barber shop after shaving my head and two seconds later had a head full of long, high-quality hair that’s so beautiful! Thank you!

Destiny Freeman, AR

This cap wig gives me life. It makes me look like my normal self while going through treatment. The quality of the wig cap is excellent! I got so many compliments. Thanks to the Verma Foundation for their generosity and for helping women feel beautiful.

Orquidea Genao, NY

Thanks so much to the Verma Foundation for all the great things you do – allowing women fighting cancer the chance to be beautiful while being strong.

Sue Chen, MA

I absolutely love my cap I love the soft inside of the cap the color is beautiful and its so natural looking. This is my favorite hat hands down. THANK YOU SO MUCH, and I brag about your program and goodwill to all I know. 2 of my fellow patient friends also ordered their cap wigs from you.

Sharon Robbins, MA

I love it! I feel like myself again. Losing my hair was so difficult and this renewed my self confidence. Thank you so much!

Christina Woodbridge, TN

Cancer takes so much away from you that you don’t feel and look like yourself. Today when I put on my beautiful cap wig, I felt like my old self again. There are no words to thank the Verma Foundation for this. I feel truly blessed.

Michelle Leger, MA

It is awesome – I can easily walk out of the house without having to think about styling a wig or tying a scarf. It looks very natural. Bonus is the sun protection of the cap!

Aimee Llewellyn, CA

I love the cap wig! Wearing the cap wig makes me feel more like myself again while going through treatment.

Kayla Sonnenburg, WI

We are very very happy to have this cap wig from the Verma Foundation. It really boosts my daughter’s morale and it’s security as a parent. I am very happy, and I hope this foundation will prosper to help others. -Lucia’s Father

Lucia Cunanan, 6, PA

The hair is beautiful. I thank you, so very much for your generosity.

Susan Purdy, MA

The cap is comfortable and easy to put on. It is casual and cool and I love feeling like I have hair!

Carole Tashjian, NY

It was beautiful. I love how I got to pick all the elements like which cap, the hair length and the color.
I feel like the me I was before cancer and have gotten a lot of feedback on how beautiful it looks.

Catherine Prisk, MA

Thank you so much for providing me with the amazing cap.  The cap is soft and comfortable for me to wear.  The hair is very natural and looks amazing.  I get lots of compliments from people, some are surprised that my hair has grown back!  (it hasn’t, it is the cap!).  Wearing the cap makes me feel like my old self again.  It is fun and easy to wear, not itchy or stiff, very comfortable unlike some others I tried on. 

Marilyn Mateski, MN

The cap wig instantly made me feel like myself again. After loosing my hair, I was devastated and heartbroken. As soon as I put the cap wig on, I felt beautiful. The cap is so soft on the inside and really feels good on your scalp. I wear it everywhere! What is great about the cap wig, I can just throw it on and look normal. No one would know I’m bald underneath. I love wearing the cap wig and can’t imagine going through this experience without it. Thank you so much to the Verma Foundation, you have made it possible to smile while going through chemo. I’m truly grateful. Such a beautiful product and gorgeous cap wig! The hair is easy to curl and 100% human hair that is really good quality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XOXOX

Amy Carabba, CA

I think it is wonderful. I was not expecting it to be so well made, so comfortable and look so natural. I love it because I look like I did before. My son actually had tears in eyes when he saw me in it. He said you look like yourself Mom. It was awesome. Thank you so much! I will make sure everyone knows about you.

Teresa Brumfield, IL

I love my cap wig. It is more comfortable than my wig. It looks more natural. I love the lining in it. I got so many compliments on how natural it looked and felt. I prefer to go without anything at all but when I need a change, I go straight for my cap wig.

Ada Connely, TX

I love that I can throw it on and go and not have to worry about wigs.

Noelle Wolak, IL

I love my new cap wig! What a great idea. I found my other wig to be too hot on my head and the cap wig is perfect. It gives me a renewed sense of confidence and allows me to go incognito while running errands about town. Thank you so much!

Alison Glynn, CA

I’m loving my cap wig. It’s awesome to be able to put it on and have it fit comfortably on my head with no fuss, No itching, sweating or too tight of a fit that can accompany wearing a full wig. I forgot how much I loved the feel of long hair as I’ve been without my long locks for little over a month. I know that in the grand scheme of things losing your hair isn’t the most terrible thing to have happen but my cap wig allows me to carry on my normal appearance in comfort and style. I’m so thankful for the Verma Foundation for my Cap Wig! I absolutely love the look and feel.

Diana Bustamante, CA

I love it so much, It looks and feels great! I can’t believe how comfortable it is! It has given me my confidence back as losing my hair to cancer was very traumatic. I think this is such a wonderful idea from your foundation to help so many of us who are battling this disease. Thank You so much!

Diane Anastas, MA

I usually wear headscarves, but if I feel like changing it up, the Cap Wig makes me feel like I blend in more. This way, less people will come up to me or stare at me.

Natalie Staffieri, GA

The Cap Wig is SO comfortable! The lining is incredibly soft and feels so nice against my scalp. It fits beautifully. Every detail on this cap is impeccable. Finally I’m wearing something that doesn’t make my head itch or irritate. It feels as if it was custom made for me!
The hair itself is gorgeous. The quality of it is amazing. Soft, and the texture is perfect.
I love the fact that I can move my head and feel hair movement on my shoulders again!
For me, it feels as if I have my femininity back and I wear it with confidence.

Deb Kubanek, MI

I love my cap wig! When I wear it I feel like my old self again. I love that because I miss the old me. What a confidence builder!

Nancy Lopez, CA

Beautiful wig and the hair is so soft. I wore it for the first time yesterday and the hat lining kept my head cool. Great for women with hot flashes.

Jessica Cody, MO

Fabulous! The hat fits so perfect and the hair is beautiful!! So comfortable. Its not at all itchy so I can wear it longer. I feel so much better going out.

Dalaney Beth, IL

Oh my goodness … I waited anxiously… it arrived Wednesday Feb 21.. I couldn’t contain myself as I opened the box … as I pulled off my knit cap and put on my new Cap Wig .. I was overcome with emotion … just to feel as if I was somewhat “normal “ changed my entire demenor.. I went from feeling as if I maybe was a lot sicker than I felt to feeling Fantastic!!!

Josie Ralstin, CA

The cap wig is great because I don’t always want to fix my hair and a ball cap is used a lot these days. The knit inside is snug and comfortable with my shaved head.

Valerie Jovel, CA

So cute. I Love everything about the Cap Wig. I feel like myself. So comfortable and easy to wear. Very stylish. Perfect quality. The cap is so soft and pretty. Just beautiful.

Cynthia Kearney, CA

received my beautiful wig with cap and I am so happy! Thank you Verma Foundation so much for gifting heartfelt joy with your wonderful cap wig during this difficult journey. It is so perfect, uplifting, very comfortable, and beautiful. I feel your love. Thank you again from my heart!

Susan Block, TX

I’ve had breast cancer three times now. I lived in the hospital for a month after the surgery and had to miss my son’s wedding. I did radiation for two weeks solid and the loss of my hair. I didnt like crocheted caps, you just look like you have had cancer. I tried wearing wigs but they were hot and itchy. So I wore baseball caps. Finally I bought extensions in back of my head and made a pony tail out of it. Then I finally saw a newsfeed on my Facebook about Natasha. Just what I always wanted a cap wig. The comfort of a ball cap with hair! So I ordered it and I’m wearing it as I write this. I love it!

Linda Bergner, TX
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