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Please note: If we are successful raising money for patients, 100% of the money above the campaign goal goes back to the Verma Foundation and helps other cancer patients.

"When I was told I was going to lose my hair, I didn't expect to feel such a loss when I had to shave it. This cap wig will help me feel at ease going out in public without having people look at me like I am sick. Thank you for this blessing in helping me live my life as good as I can until I can recover from breast cancer."

Successful Campaigns

Because of our generous sponsors, we used 100% of donations to make and give high-quality cap wigs to these women and children battling cancer. Thank you for improving lives and inspiring hope.
"Victoria is almost 17 and will be a junior in high school. It's been really difficult losing her hair for the 3d time. In a large school - not enough kids know her story so they don't understand why she has super short/thinning hair. And as we know, kids can be mean. She LOVES her cap wig. It was great for her just to put it on this morning for school."
Victoria Marsh
"We are very very happy to have this cap wig from the Verma Foundation. It really boosts my daughter’s morale and it’s security as a parent. I am very happy, and I hope this foundation will prosper to help others."
Lucia Cunanan