Help Blind Orphans Succeed

JAAV, Janta Adarsh Andh Vidyalaya is a school and orphanage for visually challenged children in New Delhi, India. Most of these children are from poor families who cannot take care of their special needs. They come from various states like Assam, Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Delhi, Harayana, Jharkhand, M.P, Rajasthan, U.P., Uttrakhand, Punjab and West Bengal. The Vidyalaya has maximum capacity of 140 visually challenged students in the boarding facility.

JAAV provides education, boarding, clothes, medical needs and food to children free of cost. The school relies solely on donations. 

The Verma Foundation proudly supports JAAV. Over the years, we have sponsored and secured the future of students like Jyoti in 2nd grade and Julie in 7th grade. Both of the sweet girls were overjoyed to get nutritional food, great books to read and a secure and safe place to sleep. With your donation, we can sponsor more children who have been abandoned by their families.

No child should be tossed aside by society because of blindness.