Questions about the Verma Foundation? We have the answers for you here in our FAQs about our mission, qualifying for our “Put a Cap on Cancer” program and donating to our non-profit!

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I want a cap wig. How do I qualify?

The Verma Foundation’s mission is to provide high-quality cap wigs to cancer patients. To qualify for our assistance, you must be a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from hair loss as a result. Applications are available on our website here. Along with a completed application, you will need to submit proof of cancer treatment.

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Why a cap on a wig?

Our co-founder Natasha Verma was 23 when she was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When she lost all her hair from chemotherapy, she got a wig. Soon after, she had problems styling the hair. The hairline didn’t look natural. She felt itchy under the wig because her scalp was sensitive from chemo. She was constantly uncomfortable and found hair loss to be one of he most traumatic side effects of chemo.

During her cancer treatment, she wore a baseball cap on top of her wig to cover the hairline and loved the look. In between chemo, she began designing cap wigs (hair permanently attached to caps).

Our Cap Wig is not only breathable but fashionable and comfortable without itchy hair rubbing against your scalp. The caps come in a variety of colors and materials for both adults and children. 100% human hair is permanently attached to the cap creating a ready-to-wear look with no styling needed!

A woman’s hair is an incredible form of self-expression so hair loss can be especially tough for those fighting cancer. At the Verma Foundation, we believe every woman experiencing hair loss because of chemotherapy should have access to a wig in which she can feel beautiful and confident during her treatment. That is why we offer it for free to patients.

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Can I donate a cap wig to a patient?

Yes! The Verma Foundation is proud to announce donors can now cover the costs of a cap wig and donate it to a specific cancer patient. You can see the full list of women and children requesting a cap wig here.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to help us grow and accomplish our mission. If you would like to volunteer your time or your talents, please email contact@vermafoundation.org. To make a financial contribution, please visit our donation page, or send a check made payable to the Verma Foundation to the address below.

Verma Foundation
303 Camino Arbolago
Lakeway, TX 78734